Rapunzel with Onceupona and Little Supernovas

Rapunzel with Onceupona and Little Supernovas

Thursday 20 August, 4pm (Online event via Zoom)

Join award-winning storytellers Brooke & Hannah from Little Supernovas & Onceupona for a wicked retelling of the fairytale, Rapunzel. Once there lived a husband whose wife became pregnant. One night she is craving a very particular vegetable, a Rapunzel lettuce, but the only place he can find one is in his neighbour’s garden. But his neighbour is a witch and she is not happy to find him stealing her vegetables! She lets him go on one condition – that she can have the baby when she is born. The husband and wife give the witch their baby who she names Rapunzel, but what will happen to Rapunzel with a Witch for a mother?

“magical, immersive, inventive and fun … prepare to be charmed” (Broadway Baby)

Simply download the Zoom app, follow the link we provide via email after booking and enjoy the story from the comfort of your own home.

Tickets are £3 per household. By donating the ticket price or more to attend this event you are supporting Seven Stories, Onceupona and Little Supernovas to continue bringing the magic of stories to children, young people and families. To ensure this event is fun and safe to attend, please look at our house rules.

This event is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds and their families.