Comic Club

Comic Club

Courses starting on Tuesday 21 April (5 weeks), Tuesday 9 June (6 weeks), Tuesday 15 September (6 weeks) & Tuesday 3 November (6 weeks), 4pm

Love comics?  Explore the colourful and exciting world of comics with one of our Story Catchers and create your very own in our popular Comic Club! Bring to life your imagined characters and learn the art of comic book storytelling in this 6-week creative course designed for children aged 8-12 years.

Course schedule

Week 1 - Welcome

Welcome to Comic Club!  In our first week, together we will introduce a selection of comic books, look ahead to the what we will be creating on the course and play fun ‘get to know you’ games to create a safe, creative and sociable space.

Week 2 - Character

Who are your favourite story characters? Superheroes? Animals? Talking objects? In week 2 we’ll explore fun ways to create your own brand new character. Decide their personality traits and what they look like, ready to put them into your comic. 

Week 3 - Panels and Story

Learn all about comic panels and how to tell a story through multi-panels.  Get creative with your storytelling, basing your stories on imagined or real-life experiences. 

Weeks 4 and 5 - Create your comic!

This week, we’ll start to bring together everything we have learnt so far to create our own comics, working individually or in pairs.  You are welcome to build upon the story you created in Week 3 or make up a new one! 

Week 6 - Comic swap!

Get comfy as we sit back Comic Swap and read each other’s creations!  With a fun game to finish, we’ll be looking back at what we have learnt over the course and celebrating our achievements. 


Each weekly session is 60 minutes, suitable for children aged 8 – 12.  Children may attend the session unaccompanied as long as parents/carers leave contact details with the reception team.

£18 per child (6 week course) or £15 per child (5 week course). 

Previous Comic Club members are welcome to attend the course as many times as they like, to simply continue working on their current comics and/or begin a whole new comic each time! From Spring 2020 participants will have opportunities to share their comics with others - through mini zines, comic anthologies or online.  

 Comic Club has been developed with support from Lydia Wysocki and Comics Club.