Innovation Showcase: If I Were You

Innovation Showcase: If I Were You

Wednesday 20 November, 5pm

Join Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books, and fanSHEN for a showcase of their innovative playable digital show, If I Were You

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This event is open to anyone excited by the potential of innovatively combining creative, cultural, social and digital skills through collaborations and partnerships. 

fanSHEN are a recovering theatre company, who now design and create audience-centric experiences which involve elements of performance, game and installation. If I Were You is a collaboration with Seven Stories, where fanSHEN worked have with the Young Adult literature archive and a group of young people, the Young Producers, to co-create the storyline.

This event is an opportunity to take part in a preview of the show, meet the teams who put it together, and explore ways in which you could collaborate with Seven Stories and/or fanSHEN. 

Audience capacity for 'If I were you’ is limited. Places at the event will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. If you sign up and later find out you’re unable to attend please do let us know so that we can reallocate the ticket. 

17:00 Arrival 

17:15 Welcome and introduction

17:30 If I Were You (all attendees participate)

19:00 Debrief and networking

19:30 Close



If I Were You is an interactive digital story about friendship, decisions - and trying to figure out the right thing to do in a fast-moving, often confusing world. 

Nat and Jamie share a birthday, fifteen years of friendship and a love of Oreos. But something is about to happen that will turn their lives upside down and force them to decide what they’re prepared to fight for. And that might not be something they can agree on… 

Told through POV video, social media and evidence documents, If I were you is an immersive story for up to 30 people. Two groups play in different rooms, each following the story from ‘their’ character’s point of view. They need to work like detectives, piecing a story together to help their character make choices about what to do. Messages sent between the two rooms will also affect how the story develops. 

If I were you is a gripping contemporary story, told through the eyes of two young people. Set against a background of climate emergency, it explores protest, citizenship and gender identity. By placing players at the heart of the story, it invites the young people to take the perspective of someone else - first ‘their’ character, and then the other character when the two groups are reunited at the end. The project exists on two levels - firstly an interactive story demanding critical thinking and evaluation of evidence, and then secondly as an exercise in perspective-taking and encouraging empathy. 

The project is funded by Nesta through their Collective Intelligence Grants, having asked for ideas for experiments that could advance knowledge about how to best design and apply collective intelligence to solve social problems. Additional funding has been provided through the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Community Foundation.