Mary Queen of Scots & The Missing Shortbread

Mary Queen of Scots & The Missing Shortbread

Saturday 16 November, 2pm

Queen Elizabeth’s delicious shortbread has mysteriously gone missing and, oh crumbs! She has accused her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots of gobbling it all up! Queen Elizabeth has, therefore, locked Mary in a tall, cold and gloomy tower in Loch Leven Castle in Scotland and is refusing to release her unless her shortbread is returned. But did Mary really eat the shortbread in the first place?

Join action Adventuretellers Brooke Conway and Hannah Mathieson with their trusty brollies and wellington boots as they venture across Scotland on this brave quest, through the lowlands and highlands where they will come face to face with mythical and mystical creatures from Scottish folk tales. Will we succeed or will Mary be locked in the tower forever?

Tickets £3 per person. This event is suitable for children aged 3+ and their families. Buy a day ticket or annual pass to enjoy the rest of Seven Stories.