Writing Masterclass

Writing Masterclass

Saturday 13th July, Wednesday 7th, Wednesday 21st and Saturday 31st August (with a different theme each week), 2-3.30pm

A story truly comes to life when the reader feels part of the writer's world but how do you create a truly brilliant story?  Join author Florianne Humphrey as we equip budding and enthusiastic young writers with essential story-writing skills in this series of engaging workshops.  Week one will focus on creating realistic or fantasy settings, in week two we will explore characters and how they drive plot, create conflict, and bring the world to life and finally, in week three we will look at structure and how to hold your reader’s attention with exciting openings, inspiring endings with plenty of plots and twists along the way. 

Workshops may be attended individually or as a full course.

**Just announced - additional workshops on Wednesday 7th and Wednesday 21st August**

Wednesday 7 August 2pm 90 minutes

Writing Fantasy Fiction

Many of our best loved-stories come from myths, legends and fairy tales passed down through the generations. Join author Florianne Humphrey as she helps you write your own work of fantasy, inspired by childhood tales of mythical creatures, monsters and magic. From understanding the conventions of the genre to creating your very own magic system, step through the wardrobe and discover a fantasy world in this writing masterclass.

Wednesday 21 August  2pm 90 minutes

Writing Science Fiction

From Doctor Who to Stars Wars to comic book superheroes, Science Fiction has brought the mysteries of space into our living rooms. But how do you write a Science Fiction story? How is it different - and similar - to our favourite films and television series about aliens and faraway planets? Join author Florianne Humphrey as she guides you through writing Science Fiction - leave your space ship behind, all you need is a pen to explore the deepest, darkest depths of space.

90 minute writing workshop suitable for children aged 7+ and their families (8+ may attend on their own provided mobile phone number of carer is left at Reception). 

£5 per person, per masterclass.  Event ticket only.  Buy a day ticket or annual pass to enjoy the rest of Seven Stories.