Let's Draw! Everyday Monsters with author James Harris

Let's Draw! Everyday Monsters with author James Harris

Monday 30th May, 12.30pm 

As we know, every house is full of annoying monsters that make all our lives a little more difficult. Monsters like the No-Go Flamingo who hides your keys when you want to leave the house, or the Spiny Panteater who is fluffy and eats socks. In this fun, interactive workshop you'll work with author and illustrator James Harris to design an encyclopaedia's worth of brand-new everyday monsters! 

You'll discover what they look like, where in the house they live, what they do to make your life slightly more difficult than it needs to be, and how they can safely removed from your home (note: kicking them over the fence into a neighbour's garden is not humane!) 

James Harris is 50 and loves drawing monsters. Join him for an afternoon of fun in May Half Term. His hilarious first book, The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory, won the New Writing North Children's Novel Award in 2019 and his second book, Happytown Must Be Destroyed, is out now. Get a taster for the fun in-store by watching James describe his novel here on YouTube!  

Suitable for ages 7+. Children over 8 can attend without an adult, but grown-ups are welcome too!

Limit of 30 visitors per session. 
Event tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable unless cancelled by Seven Stories. This still applies even if you can no longer attend because of illness or self-isolation. Seven Stories reserves the right to amend or cancel events as necessary and will a full refund in case of cancellation.