My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan with Sufiya Ahmed

My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan with Sufiya Ahmed

Saturday 23 January, 11am

Join author Sufiya Ahmed for a digital event exploring the incredible story of British-Indian World War Two heroine Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan. 

Forced to flee Nazi-occupied France after the death of her father but horrified by the terrorisation of her homeland, Noor makes the brave decision to fight for what she believes in and returns to Paris as an undercover agent for Winston Churchill. 

This event is part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 commemorations and inspired by the theme of ‘be the light in the darkness’, Sufiya will tell us all about the life of this remarkable woman, what it was like to write her story, and encourage us to make our own empathy resolution. 

This is an online event. Simply download the Zoom app, follow the link we provide via email after booking and enjoy the story from the comfort of your own home.

This event is aimed at children age 8+. It is free to join but tickets must be booked in advance. 

To ensure this event is fun and safe to attend, please look at our house rules.

This event is supported by Newcastle City Council.