Seven Stories is based in a seven-storey listed building in the Ouseburn Valley. 


Before Your Visit 

We want you to feel comfortable at Seven Stories and give you the best possible visitor experience, please feel free to contact the Reception team on 0300 330 1095 ext. 300, to discuss your visit. Our Staff are happy to talk through what to expect before you arrive and on the day. If you or any of your group needs support to enjoy your visit, please ask a member of staff on arrival or call prior to your visit with any queries. 



We have one lift in the building and so we do ask that priority is given to those with access requirements. There may be a small wait during busy periods. 


Accessible toilets (excl. WC access) are on Levels 2 and 7. Whilst our lift is out of order, our neighbours at Ouseburn Farm are happy for you to use their accessible toilets next door if accessing ours is not practical.
Baby change facilities are available on Levels 2 and 7. Please put soiled nappies in the bins provided. 

Wheelchair access

Our main entrance is at ground level. There is level access to the Coffee Shop and Bookshop. 
All seven floors are accessible for wheelchair users via the lift.

Subtitled Films

The films displayed in our galleries are complete with subtitles apart from the BBC footage of Muffin the Mule on Level 6.



Our glass doors and full-height windows have contrast markings. Some galleries (level 5) have low lighting.

Staying Safe

Please supervise your children at all times. Report any lost children, first aid incidents or any other concerns to a member of staff so that we can help you.

Photography and Filming

Please make memories and take photos to remember your visit.  We just ask that you help us to protect the precious artwork on show by turning off your flash and not taking close up shots of the work on display. We also ask that you do not film our storytimes so that everyone can enjoy the experience.  Share your photographs with us by tagging @7stories.


Seating can be found on all levels and in all galleries.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is not permitted anywhere outside the Cafe and Coffee Shop. For the safety of others, hot drinks are not to be carried around our building.

Looking after our planet

Please put waste in the bins provided and encourage children to use the recycling bins. Together we can all make a difference to preserve our planet.

Consider Others

During story times and events please keep mobile phones on silent. We also ask that you refrain from filming our story times.  During performances and events please supervise your children at all times.

Guide Dogs

Seven Stories welcomes Guide Dogs into the building but no other animals are permitted.