"What a great idea the Sensory Bags are! It was a fantastic way to get my son to really take in what he was seeing.Visitor.


Sensory Backpacks

Our special Sensory Backpacks are full of multi-sensory props and endless opportunities for exploring our exhibitions. They are free to borrow from reception, with a returnable deposit. These innovative bags are currently packed with props to help you explore our Michael Morpurgo: A Lifetime in Stories exhibition.  

These fabulous bags have been handmade and are bespoke to our exclusive exhibitions and are available for a £10 refundable deposit.

Although each backpack is different, they all contain:

  • a sheet of suggestions and activities to help you get the most out of our galleries
  • props
  • tactile sensory mat
  • a book

Rainbow Bear

Use this pack to journey through a snowy Arctic world, go fishing in a hole in the ice, see yourselves in bright colours and transform into Rainbow Bear to pad around the gallery! Contents include colour viewers, a rainbow cape, bear puppet, paws and ears, light-up cube, rainbow rai n stick and wishing bells.


War Horse

Gallop Joey through a World War 1 farm, battlefield and war cemetery, experience explosions in the trenches, camouflage yourself with netting and plant poppies for peace – then reverse the sensory blanket to dress in a soldier’s gas cape and cap. Contents include a nosebag to smell, a bugle, horse and soldier costumes, ‘explosive’ pompom, castanets for making hoof sounds and a soft horse’s tail for swishing on your skin.   


Where My Wellies Take Me

Stomp around the farm with Pippa using this kit packed full of the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside. Listen to the animals in the fields, take a peek under the flaps to see frogspawn forming and Aga stoves warming, smell the lavender and proudly wave the Northumbrian flag to celebrate local illustrator Olivia Lomenech Gill. Contents include bunting to decorate yourself like Pippa, farm animals for small world play, a frog scraper and shiny beetles in perspex.    



Wombat Goes Walkabout 

Find Wombat hiding in his underground hole, re-tell the story using finger puppets of the animal characters, smell the Eucalyptus trees and help put out the forest fire before it’s too late… Contents include wombat paws, fire fabric, finger puppets and a tactile blanket with lots multisensory elements to explore.