Our Collection

So, what is a Collection?

Every museum has a Collection. It’s what makes them who they are; the unique objects which have been collected over many years, all with something in common. Our Collection has objects from over 250 authors and illustrators and it tells the story behind how children’s books have been created from 1930 to now. 

We have books which are one of a kinds, books which are over 100 years old, books so old no one’s allowed to touch them with their hands, books made from strange bits and bobs,  tiny books, huge books, picture books, recipe books and everything that goes into making a book from start to finish. And they all have one thing in common: they were made for children.

Time to explore

You can explore our Collection on our new digital exhibition website: discover letters from authors, draft versions of some of your favourite stories, feedback from helpful editors, the first illustrations of well-known characters, ideas which inspired award-winning stories, interviews with our experts, reviews of classic and modern children’s books and so much more.      

We’re always adding more so pop back to see what’s new!