Building Our Collection

Building our Collection

"It's so important to see where work comes from and how writers write, how illustrators illustrate. What people see in the Seven Stories archive is that making books, making pictures, making stories is actually a very ordinary thing that they can become involved in." - David Almond, author and collection donor.

Seven Stories collects original artwork, manuscripts and books by British writers and illustrators for children from the 1930s to the present day. Since our foundation in the 1990s, we have established a nationally important collection which documents the richness, diversity and innovation of modern British authors and illustrators for children. If you would like to support us in building the collection and preserving our literary heritage, there are a number of ways to get involved - follow the links below to find out how!

Donating material to Seven Stories

Since our inception, the generous donation of material by authors, illustrators and individual members of the public has enabled us to establish the foundation of a National collection. We also occasionally accept material on long-term loan. Please contact Sarah Lawrance, Collection Director, to discuss prospective donations, which will help us tell the story of British children's literature more effectively.

"When I was invited to donate some of my manuscripts to Seven Stories I felt extremely honoured. I knew that there could be no better place for my archives. Since then, I have visited the archives and seen the tremendous care with which they’ve been annotated and preserved. I have watched children working from them, and talked to them about the imaginative ways in which they’ve used them. I’m deeply proud to be included in such a valuable resource." - Berlie Doherty, author and collection donor.

Donate Royalties

"The Centre is already so much a part of the children’s literature landscape that I don’t know how we ever managed without it. May it last forever!" - Philip Pullman, author, collection donor, Seven Stories Patron.

Among its many supporters, Seven Stories is extremely fortunate to have authors, illustrators and their families who offer their talents by donating royalties to support our work. Please contact Amanda Beckham,, for more information.

Acquisitions Fund

"Seven Stories is a place of enormous importance - at once a place of arrival and a gateway. Its burgeoning collection, its bewitching displays, and its intelligent warmth deserve the most wholehearted support." - Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate 1999 - 2009

With your help, we will be able to grow and preserve the Seven Stories collection for many years to come. Your contributions can help us to extend and care for our collection, create new opportunities for learning and inspiration and share this valuable heritage with generations of readers to come.

Friends of Seven Stories Cuth and Caroline Earl celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary at Seven Stories and generously suggested that their guests donate to Seven Stories rather than give gifts.  Read more here about this imaginative and fun way to support our growing collection. 

Please donate now, or contact Amanda Beckham,, if you would like to discuss your support for our Acquisitions Fund.