Help us save Tom's Midnight Garden

I am delighted to tell you that our appeal for donations towards the purchase of drawings by Susan Einzig for Tom’s Midnight Garden raised over £6,000, meaning that we have been able to purchase four wonderful drawings.

Chapter VI ‘Through a Door’ in which Tom looks from the yew tree across at the house and sees the maid shaking a duster out of the window.

Chapter X – ‘Games and Tales’, showing Tom and Hatty in the greenhouse.

Chapter XXI – ‘Time and Time Again’ Tom finding Hatty’s skates under the floor in the wardrobe.

Chapter XXVI – ‘The Apology’ – the moment when Mrs Bartholomew answers the door to Tom and recognises him for the first time.

We are grateful to Philippa Pearce’s family who, on hearing about the appeal, have generously offered to donate a further drawing:

Chapter XVIII ‘The Bedroom with Two Barred Windows.’

Once all of these drawings have made their way to Newcastle we will invite all those who supported this appeal to come and see them – watch out for details.

A wholehearted thank you from us all for helping Seven Stories to purchase artwork from this exceptional book for the National collection.

With all good wishes,

Sarah Lawrance, Collection Director

SEVEN STORIES IS A CHARITY - all the money we raise is used to save, celebrate and share the wonderful world of children's books.

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