Discover the Rhyme Scene Poetry Trail at Seven Stories Now!

Can words make a change? Is a poem a question or an answer? What messages do our crack team of young writers have for the universe?

Seven Stories and spoken word artist Rowan McCabe have been working with a group of young people from Walker Technology College in Newcastle to stage a ‘takeover’ of our building with the Rhyme Scene poetry trail – where tough cases are cracked!

The diverse group of young people, known as the Rhyme Squad, are between ages 12 and 14 and have been working with artists Kirsty Taylor, Valerie Bloom and Susannah Ronnie to explore the universal themes of freedom while learning how to express themselves through poetry in unique and unusual ways.

Illustrator Erin McGrath has curated the Rhyme Scene trail around our building, taking inspiration from the Rhyme Squad’s original ideas, work and quotes and now it is time for you to explore!

Head down to level 1 and pick up a Notebook or Sketchbook and follow the trail up through each of our seven floors, familiarising yourself with the fantastic, original work of the Rhyme Squad alongside notes and artwork from poets & illustrators in the Seven Stories archive – remember to take note of the Clue Words from each area. Once you’ve completed your book, be sure to visit reception where you’ll be given a special badge, proving you’re an honorary member of the Rhyme Squad!

If you’re hungry for more of the Rhyme Squad’s work, visit their website for original drafts of the poems, videos of performances and more details about their workshop experiences. Their work will be uploaded to the website as they create it, so be sure to check back later!

This unique, evolving project installation, created with our Chief Spoken-word Artist in Residence, will shine a detective's flashlight on the writer's process and invite visitors to contribute to an ongoing conversation about freedom and other complex themes impacting on our world.”

- Creating Learning and Engagement Coordinator, Beth Coverdale

You can meet the Rhyme Squad as they lead you on a guided discovery tour of Seven Stories on Saturday 11th November and enjoy dynamic poetry performances before the Rhyme Scene draws to a close.


Part of Freedom City 2017 – a city wide programme across Newcastle marking the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. receiving an honorary degree at Newcastle University. Visit for more information.