DIY Streets Project to improve travel to and from Ouseburn.

Ouseburn DIY Streets project aims to make significant improvements to Lime Street, Stepney Bank and Stepney Road.

Ouseburn Futures are working with the Council and many people in the area to improve how people get around Ouseburn by making streets safer, more attractive and generally more enjoyable to use. 

The Ouseburn DIY Streets project will hopefully get formal approval by early May 2016, and will make significant improvements to Lime Street, Stepney Bank and Stepney Road. Further improvements including proposals to manage car-parking in the central area of Ouseburn are also underway.

A new project called Streets for People has just been launched by the Council which brings the opportunity to bid for a share of £2.6m to spend on neighbourhood improvements that will make it safer and easier to get around Heaton and Ouseburn. The first stage of the project is about gathering information from as many people as possible.  

You are invited to complete a short survey using an interactive map of the area which will record what’s good, bad or indifferent about getting around the area and are encouraged to add feedback on how to make it better.  Contributions to this interactive map can be made until Sunday 5th June.

Ouseburn Futures recognises that there is much more to do - in particular to find ways to get fewer people using cars and more walking cycling or using public transport. They have some information but need a more comprehensive and ongoing picture and feedback.

The organisation asks, "If you haven’t already, or your view or habits have changed, please fill in the survey below and tell us what you think. We also want to start an Ouseburn Transport Forum especially for those who currently ride or walk or are thinking about switching from car use – so please give us your contact details and we’ll run suggestions past you."

Click here to download survey.

Click here to see the current car parking proposals for Ouseburn 2016

About Ouseburn Futures

Ouseburn Futures formed in 2012, is a voluntary organisation with special interest groups to focus on the arts and creative people, businesses, environment, planning and development, the river and visitor attractions. Find out more about Ouseburn Futures plans and the projects mentioned above at