Seven Stories Announces Monday Term Time Closures

From Monday 24th April 2017, Seven Stories will be closed to the public on Mondays during term-time.

We have made this decision for the following reasons.

It will allow us to work on developing the Front of House team. We are extremely proud of our fantastic Front of House staff and the high standard of customer service that they offer throughout your visit. However because our visitor centre never closes, it becomes difficult to get our FoH team together with our Story Catchers for training and practicing. The Monday closure will allow us to develop our staff and will further improve your visit to Seven Stories.

It gives our building a rest. We have a fabulous building and we are delighted with the customer feedback since extensive refurbishment work took place in 2015, but as the building gets older it needs more upkeep work to be done. Closing the building for one day a week gives our maintenance team an opportunity to service everything behind the scenes that keeps the centre running smoothly.

It gives us time to prepare new activities, events and resources. Our goal is to always give our visitors the best possible experience at Seven Stories through our events programme, new exhibitions, studio activities and more. Unfortunately, due to a reduction in our core funding we have a limited capacity for developing exciting new features. Monday closures will ensure that we can develop a consistent, engaging programme so that every visit to Seven Stories will be as exciting as the last.

We look forward to seeing you at Seven Stories very soon.



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