Seven Stories sponsorship with First Class Supply bringing positive change

Our exclusive sponsorship with First Class Supply sees more than 1000 children from the region enjoying a Seven Stories experience this academic year!

It has always been the ethos of First Class Supply, a leading independent teaching supply agency, to ‘give something back’ to the local community. They make these experiences possible by providing invaluable support for Seven Stories enabling schools to access our activities and helping us to continue to broaden engagement with children throughout the region.

Back in February, 120 children from four local schools were the very first visitors when we opened our new Bears! exhibition and since the launch of this innovative partnership, thousands of local children have benefitted, enjoying Poetry Roadshows, Reading for Pleasure workshops, Authors into Schools sessions and visits to Seven Stories.

Author and illustrator Elys Dolan recently turned two First Class Supply schools into Knighthood Training Academies, training the children about shields and sidekicks to help them graduate as fully licensed knights!

We look forward to delivering some more exciting sessions over the next few months and to welcoming more children for ‘first look’ visits when our next exhibition, Comics, opens shortly.

We would like to thank First Class Supply for their ongoing support and for their commitment to providing children from local schools with the opportunity to enhance their learning through Seven Stories’ learning programme.