Give 10 for 10

"Seven Stories was already a national treasure before it had opened its doors. An archive, the only national archive, of an art form – children’s literature – in which this country leads the world, ought to be housed in a palace of gold and guarded by all the Knights of the Round Table. Every child, every parent, every teacher should be flown there annually on a magic carpet and welcomed by teams of highly trained gnomes, and invited to browse, wonder and take away free armfuls of delight. Every politician ought to serve a gap year as an apprentice gnome before being allowed to enter Parliament. In short, we should all celebrate and cherish Seven Stories for the wonderful thing it is!" Philip Pullman

Seven Stories is celebrating 10 amazing years of bringing children and great books together.

The most important way you can join in the celebrations is to give 10 minutes of your time to read with someone you care for – a child or grandchild, brother or sister, friend or neighbour.

Let us know what you’re reading on Twitter @7stories #10for10

In the past 10 years, 700,000 of you have visited us. Now we are improving Seven Stories for the next generation to enjoy. We are completely refurbishing our building so that we can welcome more families work with more schools, making the experience that we give our young visitors even more magical.

Now it's your chance to help! Show how much you love children’s books by donating £10 to our 10th birthday appeal.

Click here to donate online or you can now donate to Seven Stories by text. All texts are free of charge, regardless of your network, so you will only be charged the donation amount. All you have to do is text READ07 followed by a space and your donation amount to 70070 (e.g. READ07 £10). Maximum donation using this service is £10 per text.

We have already raised £735,000 towards our £750,000 refurbishment target, and need your help to make Seven Stories buzz with book excitement every day of the year!

Thank you.