At Seven Stories we are the custodians of a unique and ever-growing national archive of modern and contemporary children’s literature. Today, the Seven Stories Collection includes material by over 270 authors and illustrators, including John Agard, Valerie Bloom, Grace Hallworth and Grace Nichols.

Seven Stories collects all sorts of material relating to children's books - not just the finished work, but all that goes into the making of a book. Our Collection includes things like rough artwork, draft manuscripts, dummy books, correspondence, editor's notes, proofs, and anything else that helps us explore how books are created.

Take a sneak peek into these Collections through the selection of photographed pages below, which will give you an idea of the type of exciting items you can find in the Seven Stories Collection.

Grace Nichols

1. Grace Nichols - manuscript draft of poem 'I'm a Parrot'. Copyright Grace Nichols, Seven Stories Collection.

2. Grace Nichols - manuscript draft of poem 'Storm Man'. Copyright Grace Nichols, Seven Stories Collection.

John Agard

3. John Agard - typescript draft of poem 'Calypso Alphabet'. Copyright John Agard, Seven Stories Collection.

4. John Agard - manuscript drafts various poems. Copyright John Agard, Seven Stories Collection.

5. John Agard - notebook containing manuscript drafts of poems. Copyright John Agard, Seven Stories Collection.

Valerie Bloom

6. Valerie Bloom - 'De' manuscript draft of poem. Copyright Valerie Bloom, Seven Stories Collection.

7. Valerie Bloom - manuscript notes for novel 'The Tribe'. Copyright Valerie Bloom, Seven Stories Collection.

Grace Hallworth

8. Grace Hallworth - typescript draft for 'The Headless Reader'. Copywright Grace Hallworth, Seven Stories Collection.

9. A selction of Grace Hallworth books from our Book Collection.