Suitable for KS2 & KS3

Delve into the writer’s dreamlike world where tales such as Skellig and My Dad’s a Birdman took root.

Bringing to life Almond’s archive, the exhibition at Seven Stories explores themes of love, loss and hope though characters real and imagined.

Meet angels and devils, question what it means to be human and experience the North East through the eyes of one of its most creative sons.

Your group will take part in an interactive and imaginative led-tour of the exhibition and explore the themes of birds, wings and flight - ever-present in David Almond's writing. The tour will bring David Almond’s writing to life and showcase the author’s creative process, inspiring children and young people to imagine their own stories.


Animal-People (My Dad's a Birdman)

Suitable for Lower KS2 (Y3 & Y4)

The workshop the children will take part in is based on the book My Dad’s a Birdman.

In My Dad's a Birdman, Dad thinks he's a bird. What creature would you like to be for a day? Use drama to try out being a bird- or animal-person for yourself, and create a competitive character for your own story! Build empathy and imagination in this creative session.

Characters to Change the World (Skellig and The Savage)
Suitable for
Upper KS2 (Y5 & Y6)

The workshop the children will take part in is based on the books Skellig and The Savage.

David Almond often creates characters that come into the protagonist's life and change things completely. In Skellig and The Savage, a strange creature and a wild boy help the central characters cope with change, fear and loss. If you could bring a character to life in the real world, who would they be and how would they change people's lives? Use drama, discussion, drawing and/or creative writing skills to create your own world-changing characters.

Objects from the Riverbed (Heaven Eyes)
Suitable for KS3 (Y7, Y8 & Y9)

The workshop the children will take part in is based on the book Heaven Eyes.

Heaven Eyes helps Grampa to collect objects from the riverbed - but where did they come from? Use observation, investigative and creative skills to tell the story behind an assortment of salvaged items - then curate the story of your own life by drawing/describing 5 objects linked to your own memories & experiences. This session explores personal identity, and approaches to storytelling.

£4.95 per child • 2 free adults per 10 children • £4.95 per additional adult

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