Seven Stories Reader in Residence places a member of the Seven Stories team into your school every week for a full academic year. Readers in Residence can work with the whole school community - children, staff, parents and carers for a strategic approach to Reading for Pleasure and improved literacy. Each Reader in Residence programme is unique, with an activity programme designed to develop a love of books throughout the school and at home, increasing motivation to read, confidence, wellbeing and literacy skills.

Reader in Residence creative practices are underpinned with evidence and research into successful approaches to improving learning outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children and young people. Based on existing evidence, as presented by the Education Endowment Fund’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit, the three main approaches used in a Reader in Residence programme are:

  • Collaborative Learning (+5 months progress, more information: EEF toolkit)
  • Oral Language Intervention (+5 months progress, more information: EEF toolkit).
  • Arts Participation (+2 months progress, more information: EEF toolkit)

Find out more by downloading our Reader in Residence Guide or contacting the Learning team on

Reader in Residence at Northern Saints Church of England (VA) Primary School, Sunderland.

‘Reader in Residence is transforming our children's early reading and makes a significant contribution to our family learning programmes. Our Reader is very much part of the school team - available to staff for expert advice and invigorating reading with whole classes and parents. The impact is clear - we have eradicated a history of poor attainment at Key Stage 1 exit, moving from significantly below national levels in reading SATs to in line with the national average within two years.’

Steve Williamson, Head Teacher

(Pupil Premium Winners 2016).


‘As a school we couldn’t recommend this programme any higher!’

Jill Bowe, Head Teacher at Villa Real School.