By Jessica Love

Published by Walker Books



In the video, listen to the full story, complete with a quick warm up to start and some book chat at the end!

Julian is a Mermaid Summary

Julian is on the train with his Nana when he sees some mermaids and is transported into his imagination. Julian thinks about being in a world of beautiful water, fish and mermaids. Julian tells his Nana that he is a mermaid. While Nana is in the bath, he uses flowers from the vase and leaves from the plant pot to make lovely hair as well as using the curtains to make a long swishy tail. When Nana sees him, she walks away and Julian worries he has done something wrong. Nana comes back with a necklace for Julian, to go with his mermaid outfit. Together they join a parade of mermaids.


In this video, find some creative activites to explore the book! Click here to download the activities sheet. 


Find the activities below, with time stamps for when they are explained in the video.




Once you have read something you should talk about it! Find someone to talk to about what happened in the story and maybe answer these questions:

What was your favourite picture in the story?

What would the mermaid you look like?

How would your grown-ups react if you pulled the curtains down and picked the flowers?

Why was Julian's Nana not angry?


Make Your Own


If you don't have a copy of this book at home, you could try and make your own.

Use the story summary or video storytelling to help you.


Magnificent Mermaid


Why not make your own mermaid picture. You could even collect flowers and leaves to decorate your mermaid's hair and tail.


Under The Sea


Julian has a fantastic imagination so it is time to test yours. Could you go on a big underwater adventure.

What can you see in your underwater world? Who will you meet? What will you find?

To help you imagine, you could find ocean sounds on the computer or videos from under the sea.


Mini Parade


Have a mini parade through your house.

To have a parade as beautiful as Julian's, you need to show off your best outfit. Maybe wear your favourite  dressing up costume, maybe wear colours that make you happy, maybe you could try wearing your usual clothes in an unusual way, like wearing trousers on your arms. Find a brilliant outfit that makes you feel happy and get other people in the house to do the same.

After your parade you could take a parade photo.



Sing Out Loud


Have a sing and dance along to these songs that are designed to make you happy about being yourself.


(5:41) I am great!

In this song, add in positive affirmations such as, great/loveable/ worthwhile/ kind/ honest/ friendly/special.

Who is              blank   ? I am blank   Yes you are, and we think your           blank   too?


(7:15)I f you're happy and you know it

Sing If you're happy and you know it but change happy to other positive affirmations and switch up the actions too!

If you're happy/smart/kind/caring and you know it, clap your hands/stamp your feet/twirl around.

If you're happy/smart/kind/caring and you know it, clap your hands/stamp your feet/twirl around.

If you're happy/smart/kind/caring and you know it, and you really want to show it,

If you're happy/smart/kind/caring and you know it, clap your hands/stamp your feet/twirl around.


Dance It Out


Listen to a song that makes you happy and create a dance to go with it.

You could bend your knees, lift your arms, twirl, jump, step, kick, roll. Could you be a mermaid in your dance like Julian or maybe something else that you would love to turn into?

When would be a good time to do your happy dance?


Real Life Mermaids


Next time you are out for a walk or thinking about the people you know, look for people that make the world a better place.

Julian saw the mermaids and wanted to be more like them.

Who can you find that makes the world a more beautiful, happy or safe place? Who are the mermaids near you?


Good Things Today


What are all the best things today?

What is the best smell? What is the best taste? What is the best colour? What is the best thing you have seen? What was the most fun activity? Who was the best person? What was the best sound? What it the best song? What was the best thing to feel? When did you feel the best?

Talk to the people around you and find out their best bits and tell them yours. It might end up being the best part of your day!




More activities

Authors and publishers want you to like their books so will often make activities to go with it.

Walker has this lovely activity sheet for Julian is a Mermaid.



This week's theme is being PROUD so look at the activities attached to the other stories for more PROUD activities!