Sharing Stories Making Memories with St Oswald's Hospice

Seven Stories and St Oswald’s Hospice are working together for Sharing Stories, Making Memories a national project in conjunction with START, the flagship project from The Prince's Trust.

Seven Stories designed and delivered a fantastic multi-sensory experience for children and families at St Oswald’s Hospice on Tuesday 28 August. Members of Seven Stories Learning and Participation Team created bespoke resources which allowed them to bring stories to life for a variety of children who have a variety of needs, which might include visual or hearing impairment or involuntary movement.

Eight children and young people attended along with staff and parents. Seven Stories transformed St Oswald’s Young Adult area into a beach for the afternoon and used lots of exciting materials such as hot water bottles, ice blocks, leaves, shells and cuddly blankets to help children experience the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the stories. After the session there was plenty of opportunity for dressing up and everyone made their own collage boat to sail away on their own nautical adventure.

Beth Coverdale, Learning and Participation Co-Ordinator said, “What a wonderful start to our ‘Sharing Stories, Making Memories’ project with St Oswald’s Hospice. Seven Stories are thrilled to have the opportunity to explore new ideas with the hospice team, and to develop some extra special resources and book collections for them. The families, staff and children have been extremely welcoming and friendly, and the hospice in an extraordinarily inspiring place to be. We are very much looking forward to the next steps in this special project.”

START are undertaking this project in three areas of the UK which aims to provide families involved in hospice care a link to a local cultural venue as well as happy memories. The programme is intended to involve the children directly involved with the hospices as well as their parents and siblings, who often feel over looked because of the level of care that their siblings require.

Seven Stories skill-sharing session with St Oswald’s Hospice staff which has helped to develop a book collection specifically chosen for future use in a hospice setting. The budget for this project also means that Seven Stories is able to provide a copy of all the books in this special collection to St Oswald’s Hospice.

It is hoped that this through this project, some of the children (in many cases the siblings) are able to develop a lasting relationship with the venue and feel comfortable making repeat visits in the future.

"St Oswald's hospice celebrates a decade of essential children's care" - The Journal