Families Reading Together with Beech Hill Primary, Newcastle

Families Reading Together is a programme of workshops and visits for parents including their children, to raise the confidence of parents to bring reading for pleasure into the everyday routine at home.

Email learning@sevenstories.org.uk for further details or call 0300 330 1095 (ext 213).

66% of parent/carers attended the evaluation
100% of those agreed they and their children were reading more
50% of total parents had a self led, return visit to Seven Stories
100% attitude change around the culture of reading , see quotes below:

  • Adam never sat still to read, since 7S, he’ll sit and read, I’ll read to him, he’ll say when he’s had enough and I don’t want to push him and make it a chore.
  • I’m reading more.
  • I can’t wait to start reading a new Horrid Henry chapter tonight. I’ll just sit and read one of their books if it’s fun.
  • James and the Giant Peach, he was mesmerised by that, he was reading at night, he wouldn’t have done that before, it was hard getting him to sit with a book, he likes computer games. He’ll read out loud now.
  • It’s brought all the [books enjoyment] back – over holidays.
  • It helped me to remember how much I loved these books when I was little.
  • You can have fun learning!!
  • I wasn’t keen at first but now it’s good.
  • Don’t realise how many books there are til you go to 7S.
  • Whenever 7S is mentioned it’s “eee it’s brill, gotta take you there, gotta take you there!
  • Go to Seven Stories with your children, it changed us as well as the children.