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Persepolis and The Veil

We read the first section of Persepolis, The Veil. We thought about the story and how we would react to it were we in the book. We asked the group members to create a small canvas in graphic-novel style reacting to the idea of home and what it means to different people – and, of course, what it means to Marj.  

The topic really exploded, with the girls reacting very strongly against the idea of having to wear something against their will. We took it out of the veil context and spoke about how hard it is to go against the crowd, especially if there’s a risk you could get in trouble. The kids voted on who would defy the law and who would just go along with it (see pictures). When we created the canvasses, we spoke about our own homes and what made them special – or how we could make them more special. 

“Graphic Novels are usually about superheroes and more fantasy stuff, so that was weird. I liked it though, the history bits were interesting.” Ben, age 15.

“I have never thought about it before but I love my room just because it’s mine, just mine and nobody else’s. Even though the house is my mum and dads, the room is mine” Rosa 


Where’s Lenny and Leon and Bob 


The Reader Organisation also used Where’s Lenny and Leon and Bob with their Tiny Reader’s group to share the books together and celebrate and share their favourite things about home. The group leaders got the toddlers who were big enough to make collage houses to be put on a larger canvas.

“Where’s Lenny went down a storm, with the little ones reaching up to grab the book to try and find Lenny – and it ended with a huge tickle fest between the parents and tots at the end! We broke the stories up with songs and dancing and finished with Leon and Bob”

Group Leader, The Reader Organisation. 


“The books today weren’t the same old Julia Donaldson ones you see in Waterstones. Everything worked well together.”

Grandmother to Elsie, 9 months


“I didn’t quite know how the diversity thing was going to work, but the choice of texts were wonderful – I’d never have seen them otherwise.”

Mother to Ethan, age 3.


“We need to pass along our experience to parents who can keep their children well-versed in a great variety of children’s literature.”

Group Leader, The Reader Organisation