New Writing North is the writing development agency for the North of England. The organisation works closely with writers and partner organisations to provide career development opportunities, new commissions, projects, residencies, publications and live events.

Diverse Voices Poetry Workshop: New Writing North and poet Denga Stone worked with Seven Stories to set up a one-off workshop where young people could respond creatively to The 50 Best Diverse Children’s Book List. Inspired by the titles on the list, a group of 6 people aged 16 – 22 wrote poetry on the theme of diversity, putting themselves in the shoes of the characters as well as sharing their own experiences


“The books told complex stories in a very human, relatable way. It was interesting to look at the ways in which diversity was represented in children’s literature.” Nasim

“The character’s perspectives were a trigger for the imagination.” Ryan

“I hadn’t ever considered reading children’s fiction since I was a child myself. After looking at some of the children’s books, I now see that I have been missing out for a long time! I particularly enjoyed the free writing parts of the session, being given a starting point and then writing from that took me to places I wasn’t expecting.”  Poppy