Discover Story Museum in London worked with their children’s forum. The children were asked to think about what they thought of when they thought of home. They were asked to respond to this question by drawing a picture or writing down sentences.

Looking at the book Mirror , members of the children’s forum split up into four groups and reviewed the book. They then gave the book stars out of five. They shared their reviews with the whole group as if they were giving a television review.

I found that while some of the feedback was negative about Mirror, all of the children wanted to take a second look at the illustrations. They would each sit with the book and go through it from start to finish. I feel it made the children think about the similarities and differences in families from different parts of the world.” Group Leader, Discover Story Centre, London.

“This book is sort of unique, the book is one of a kind.” Sameer, age  9

“I like the mirror effect.” Hafsa, age  9

“It was unique and it gave a view of two cultures” Maryam, aged 9