• Launch Conference - Monday 9 October 2017 - 10am-4pm
  • INSET 1 - Monday 15 January 2018 - 10am-4pm
  • INSET 2 - Monday 26 March 2018 - 10am-4pm
  • Final Conference - Monday 9 July 2018 - 10am-4pm

£1450/£950 for additional attendees from same school, including conferences, INSETs, two book packs and website subscription. School Cluster group booking discount: 10 places for £10,000

To book, contact the Learning team on 0300 330 1095 ext 213 or email learning@sevenstories.org.uk

The Power of Reading Newcastle Project 2017-18

The Power of Reading is a whole school development project which engages teachers and children in the literacy curriculum through using high quality books and proven teaching approaches.

The project offers multi-layered professional development drawing on CLPE’s highly regarded classroom-based research and experience of working with teachers. It combines an introduction to outstanding books for teachers and children with an approach to teaching the English curriculum that is creative, engaging and develops a love of literacy. This successful project is entering its 13th year and has worked nationally with over 3500 schools and 5000 teachers in 50 Local Authorities.

The Power of Reading is fully aligned to and meets all requirements of the National Curriculum 2014.

There are four days of training spread throughout the school year. Headteachers and Senior Leaders are invited to the first morning and the final conference. Between each of the training days teachers will trial, share and implement the approaches and principles they have explored during the sessions. Teachers work on a school based case study which they present at the final conference.

Schools on the Power of Reading Project receive:

  • Two packs of carefully chosen children’s books for each project teacher.
  • Access to an inspiring website of resources containing teaching sequences for over 175 books and more than 1000 examples of practice from Power of Reading schools*
  • Four full training days.
  • The opportunity to develop subject and pedagogical knowledge within each school’s context.
  • Tools to help schools to develop classroom and school provision to inform a whole school approach to reading
  • Book group discussions to extend teachers’ knowledge of children’s literature
  • Opportunities to listen to and meet leading children’s authors
  • Access to book group discussions to extend teachers’ knowledge of children’s literature.

*Website access will commence on the launch day of the project

Evidence of impact - Achievement

Analysis of data from the project schools has showed us that children in Power of Reading schools make outstanding progress in reading and writing. Our research shows that the project is particularly effective in narrowing the achievement gap between boys and girls and significant for those who have been previously reluctant to engage with literacy.*

*For more detail and research and evaluation reports see www.clpe.org.uk/por

Positive attitudes to reading
Children are:

  • Choosing to read more often and at greater length
  • Keen to read more challenging books
  •  More confident and knowledgeable in talking about books
  • Willing to seek out deeper meanings in texts
  • Showing greater enjoyment and achievement in writing.

CLPE Reading and Writing Scales – Literacy beyond levels

Project teachers will work with the CLPE Reading and Writing Scales which help teachers to understand what progression looks like in reading and writing. These materials help schools to provide an environment that supports children’s development as readers and writers and supports teacher subject knowledge in the development of reading and writing. They are a tool that will help strengthen teacher understanding and provide a common framework for truly formative assessment.

"Reading for Pleasure was found to be more important for children’s cognitive development …… than their parent’s level of education." Brown and Sullivan, 2013

To book, contact the Learning team on 0300 330 1095 ext 213 or email learning@sevenstories.org.uk