Hooks into Books

Hooks into Books

Exciting and engaging books chosen for their potential to help you have some fun, play with language, illustrate, act out, investigate and create!

Hooks into Books is a great focus for your Reading for Pleasure strategy, and can be used to raise the status of books and reading across your school or setting. Short on time to find the perfect books for your class?

Our team carefully select from the thousands of children’s books published each year and develop information and activities to create packs of seven books for each Key Stage available on subscription.

These books can be used as a focus for Reading for Pleasure and to constantly refresh your bookshelves, as well as text around which a unit of work can be built or enriched.

Why not open your packs in a special assembly each term to really build excitement and raise the profile of these special books. Follow up with weekly reading assemblies to keep your children and staff hooked!

"The packs are great value for money - especially as they save teachers that thing that is most invaluable - time. They deliver new exciting texts matched well to each key stage and the interests of a wide range of children."

EYFS (0-5), KS1 and KS2 Hooks into Books | for costs please contact our friendly team.

The packs include specially developed activities inspired by three of the books and information sheets for all the titles to help you explore them further with your group.

How to subscribe

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For more information contact the Learning by emailing learning@sevenstories.org.uk or calling 0300 3301095 (ext. 213).

Hooks into Books