Make your own comics!

Here are three FREE downloadable resources to help you help children make their own comics. These resources were created as part of the learning and participation programme of Comics! Make and explore comics with Seven Stories, by Applied Comics Etc for Seven Stories.

DIY Comic

The DIY comic is designed to help you make your own comic. Page 1 starts with a 4-panel comic to set out key ingredients for making a comic: setting, story, characters, drawing tools, and inspiration. These ingredients come in many different flavours, it’s up to you how to use them. Pages 2 and 3 include activities for children to continue a story, change the setting, design characters, and draw those characters in different poses. Page 4 shows four ways to tell the same story, showing how you can use different panel structures. But all these examples are only a starting point: it’s up to you to make your own best comic.

Practical tips about your DIY comic

Written for adults working with children, these notes help you squeeze even more comics goodness from your DIY comic. They point out the details within the DIY comic, giving you access to top tips from experienced comics creators and scholars. These insights are designed to help you prompt children to think about how to use these techniques in making their own comic, without being limited by rules.

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Copyright: these three resources are shared with a Creative Commons CC BY-NC license. You can change these resources as long as you acknowledge Seven Stories/Applied Comics Etc as the original creators of the resources. These resources can only be used in non-commercial (not for profit) ways.