Learning News: Artefictions Michael Morpurgo Project

A group of young curators from Excelsior Academy worked with Seven Stories on a ground-breaking, creative project. The group also worked with professional artists Ben Jeans Houghton and Sophie Soobramanien to design and build a new set of Artefictions inspired by both Michael Morpurgo’s writing and their own.

By the end, they’d achieved their ‘Explore’ Arts Award.

They discovered that Michael Morpurgo writes about things he loves, and that he enters ‘dreamtime’ before beginning his stories, so they tried it for themselves! Working with Seven Stories for two weeks, the young people used drama to respond creatively to objects and to experience characters’ thoughts and feelings. They explored Michael’s archive, talked about what they found interesting and wrote the beginnings of their own stories. Understanding the way that professional authors work can unlock the door to imagination and aspiration in our own creative writing. In this project, the blend of reality and fiction at the heart of Michael’s writing process inspired a group of young people to become writers, curators and artists themselves. 

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