Winged Tales of the North

Until Sunday 9th September 

Follow this playful and imaginative street art trail inspired by new flash fiction by David Almond – one of the North’s best-loved writers.

As you’re led through the creative community of the Ouseburn Valley, you’ll discover a series of intriguing works showcasing the talent of artists, designers and makers from across the area.  Admire stunning murals, marvel at new temporary sculptures and engage with artworks that spark curiosity and invite exploration.  This visual and literary treat for the whole family is presented by Seven Stories and curated by artist Kate Drummond.

Download the trail map here

Trail artworks and artists:

  • Ancient Place by Faunagraphic with lettering by Ciaran Globel (Archway 4, Stepney Bank) - The Ouseburn: where the past and future collide.  Enjoy David Almond’s writing reimagined in a monumental spray painting under the bridge over the valley.
  • The David Almond Mythophone by Dan Fox (Village Green, Lime Street) - Listen closely! A striking solar-powered storytelling machine featuring fourteen Winged Tales of the North readings by David Almond. 
  • Exhausted Angel by Kate Drummond with spray painted detail by and bird boxes built by children at a free Seven Stories workshop (Foundry Lane) - A brilliantly blue artwork visible from the village green, featuring the ‘Ouseburn Alphabet’ - made of new and old letters discovered in the valley.  Can you find the pigeon crees? 
  • Don’t Disturb by Hannah Fox, featuring work made with Year 5 at Byker Primary School (Ouseburn River Towpath - behind Seven Stories) - Peer behind the railings to escape into a playful scene where the beauty, wilderness and playfulness of childhood emerge once more. 
  • Essalamus by Rachel E Millar (Under Cut Bank Bridge, along Ouseburn River Towpath) - Look across the river to see the beautiful sign-written warning message.  Are you brave enough?
  • Dream Again by Kate Drummond and John Kingston (Toffee Factory) - Dream yourself into the Newcastle sky! A brightly coloured artwork inspired by a style of pigeon cree specific to the area.
  • All These Things by Ciaran Global (Across the Tyne face of Glasshouse Bridge) - The southern gateway to the Winged Tales of the North trail. Features a large-scale sign-written poem across the Victorian bridge and spanning the Ouseburn.

This trail is part of Where Your Wings Were....Journeys with David Almond; both trail and exhibition are delivered as part of the Great Exhibition of the North 2018.  

Great Exhibition of the North receives funding from a variety of sources including public and private sector. Visit the website for details. #GetNorth2018