ELMER and Friends: The Colourful World of David McKee

Our brand new Elmer and Friends exhibition features original artwork from the Elmer series, as well as other David McKee classics, including Not Now BernardKing Rollo and Mr. Benn.

The exhibition opened February 2019 and began touring in May 2021 to The River and Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames.  The exhibition was a great success at Seven Stories, Elmer continues to delight our youngest visitors and their parents alike.  His patchwork colours are echoed throughout the exhibition, creating a bright and vibrant space for children to explore with their families.   Sensory boxes allow young children to explore the works not only visually, but with smells, sounds and textures of the items featured in the artwork. 

“Yesterday we visited @7Stories to check out the new David McKee exhibit. It’s brilliant with interactive units all around the room to smell, feel and hear elements from the stories. We giggled at our reflections in the mirrors, puzzled over the giant magnetic Elmer jigsaw, and LOVED all the dress up opportunities. I need to introduce the boys to Mr Benn, but they still thought the exhibit was excellent. You dress up in the costume of your choice, scan the special part on the sign, and the scene projected on the wall changes to suit your outfit! Super special.” – Visitor Feedback.


The tour schedule for the exhibition is as follows.  There is a slot remaining from Spring 2022.

River and Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames: 10 December 2020 – 6 June 2021

Cooper Art Gallery, Barnsley: 10th July – 19th September 2021

Dorset County Museum, Dorchester: 10th October 2021 – 17th January 2022

Spring 2022 - available for hire.


If you are a Museum, Art Gallery or other venue that is interested in hosting this exhibition, you can contact the touring department by email. 

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