You can find stories in the most unexpected places. In Jethro Byrde, Fairy Child Annabelle discovers fairies hiding in the concrete between the weeds. Here author Bob Graham shares a special message about the stories waiting to be told near you. Can you write a story about fairies or make a home for fairies to live in? We'd love to see what you get up to!

Jethro Byrde, Fairy Child Spotting Challenge

Did you manage to complete our Jethro Byrde Fairy Child jigsaw and spot Annabelle and her family? You can find her squeezing her way through the fence on to the garage forecourt to discover fairies (highlighted in a red circle). If you look closely can you also find:

1. a dog hitchhiking on the roof of a caravan
2. a yellow car about to fall off the top of a multi-story car park
3. someone sunbathing on a rooftop
4. a jockey on a horse losing his hat
5. an empty playground

Top marks if you manage to find all 5!