We began our Rags to Riches week sharing a fold-out Cinderella book dating back to c.1860. Now it's your turn to create your own fold-out book. Why not make one and fill it with a Cinderella story of your own?
What you will need: A4 piece of paper, scissors, a ruler and a pencil.
Step 1. Make sure your paper is landscape
Step 2. Measure and mark 7cm up from the bottom of the sheet on both short edges of the paper
Step 3. Draw a line connecting both 7cm marks
Step 4. Cut along the line
Step 5. Make marks at 6cm intervals along the bottom and top of the sheet and join them up
Step 6. Fold the paper at the 6cm mark
Step 7. Continue to fold the paper in opposite directions at each 6cm mark
Step 8. Write and draw your own version of the Cinderella Story
Step 9. Send the results for us to share via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram