Famous Five Book Cover Challenge

Can you remember the names of The Famous Five? George, Julian, Dick, Anne and don't forget Timmy the dog. Lots of different illustrators have drawn them over the years. Alex T Smith is famous for his very lovable Claude the Dog series. But he has also illustrated the Famous Five. Here is a special message from him just for us...

"I was delighted to be asked to illustrate Five Go Down to the Sea because the Famous Five was part of my childhood reading, and it’s wonderful to be able to pass that enjoyment on to the next generation of children. I loved – of course – the adventures and the mystery, but I also loved their freedom from grown-up fun-squashing, their inexhaustible appetite for picnics featuring macaroons, and how Timmy the dog was a vital part of the team." Alex T Smith, Author and Illustrator

Join illustrator Alex T Smith on a fascinating tour of Enid Blyton book cover art from the 1940s to the present day courtesy of The Guardian. Now that you've seen what other Famous Five covers have looked like can you create your very own cover for a new or old Famous Five story? What do you think they should look like? We'd love to see the results.

Seven Stories Quest

The Famous Five love solving mysteries and often end up exploring creepy places like ruined castles with dark dungeons! But you can go on a quest anywhere. Follow the clues to this mini adventure to find the treasure. We're sure you'll be well rewarded!