Maisy's Bathtime and Other Small Stories

Now open!

Enjoy meeting Maisy and her friends at Seven Stories in this adaptation of our ever-popular Time to Get Up exhibition. 

Come back to play through your day! From getting up to going to bed, this exhibition shows that reading books together can offer reassurance and encouragement. Sharing books can also make the everyday exciting in surprising ways.

Our unique sensory frames enable children to explore new and exciting ways of engaging directly with the exhibition’s artwork. Young explorers can see, touch, smell and hear their way through a variety of sensory activities, all linked to the exciting new experiences and routines that every young child enjoys.

Don't forget to ask for our specially designed Sensory Backpacks complete with a beautiful, interactive blanket, a book and a selection of sensory props to help young ones explore the exhibition.

Recommended for children aged 0-4 and their families.