The Horse: A Latvian Illustrators Showcase

Until 31 October 2019

In many cultures all across the world, horses are a symbol of freedom. Have you ever wondered why? Are horses everywhere the same? 

This month we have a special exhibition all about horses on loan from the Latvian Literature Centre. The Horse: A Latvian Illustrators Showcase, on display in the cafe, features beautiful artwork from twenty talented Latvian illustrators in a variety of artistic styles. A collection of magical stories written by twenty Latvian children’s authors which inspired these stunning illustrations is also on display.

We are delighted that two of the illustrators featured in the exhibition, Martinš Zutis and Anna Vavaire, are making a special trip to Seven Stories from Latvia to lead some wonderful imaginative workshops this October. Have a go at making your own picture book or designing your favourite animal’s perfect home.

Supported by the Latvian Literature Institute.

Associated Events

Saturday 5 October & Sunday 6 October, 2pm
Create Your Own Picture Book with Martinš Zutis

Friday 25 October, 2pm
A Home for Everyone: A drawing workshop with Anna Vaivare