Digital Exhibition

You can now explore the Seven Stories Collection online like never before.

What did the initial Gruffalo illustrations look like? What does Phillip Pullman write his books on? Who was the inspiration for George in the Famous Five books? What word game did Lewis Carroll invent? What’s in Valerie Bloom’s fan mail? 


These are all questions that can be answered by visiting our new digital exhibition which showcases the 'stories behind the stories' of the last hundred years of children's literature.

Specifically designed to be a site for children (and adults!) to explore on their own or with their class, friends or family, the digital exhibition features works from some of the best-selling and most influential authors, illustrators, editors and publishers of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Phillip PullmanJohn Agard, Sarah Garland, Valerie Bloom, Aidan Chambers, Nick Sharratt, Pearl Binder and Michael Morpurgo.