In the last two weeks, two of our most popular exhibitions have finished their runs at their final venues. It is quite sad for the team at Seven Stories to say goodbye to these exhibitions, as we have been working on them both since early 2011 - nearly 4 years!

The Jacqueline Wilson exhibition - Daydreams and Diaries, the Story of Jacqueline Wilson, has been on display at Seven Stories in Newcastle for a full year, then travelled to Hove Museum and Gallery, Ferens Gallery in Hull, The Dick Institute in Kilmarnock, and finally the Museum of Childhood in London.

A Squash and a Squeeze, Sharing Stories with Julia Donaldson, first was on display in Newcastle at Seven Stories, and then did a very busy tour first to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, then to Chatham Historic Dockyard, and finally to Bradford's Cartwright Hall, where it closed on Sunday 9th November 2014.

Touring our exhibitions enables them to be seen around the country by hundreds of thousands more people than possible in our own venue. We are continually working on new exhibitions (with new and repeat venues!), and it is very exciting to see how the exhibitions work in new spaces, and link to their collections and visitors.

Daydreams and Diaries at the Museum of Childhood, London
Daydreams and Diaries at the Museum of Childhood, London
Lindsey, our paper conservator checking Nick Sharratt's artwork as it leaves its final venue in London. 
Artwork crates all packed and ready to return to Seven Stories

Cartwright Hall in Bradford, on a beautifully sunny day when I visited to talk about the exhibition with the curators and learning team.
Entrance to the main gallery, although there was also a few breakout spaces in the rest of the museum, including Julia's Jukebox in the atrium area!

Packing up to send everything back up to Seven Stories, this is the cow from the Squash and the Squeeze house - he deserves a rest don't you think! You can see some of the fantastic artwork by Emily Gravett and David Roberts in the background too.

To find out more about our upcoming touring programme, to see if there is anything coming to a venue near you, please click here, and you can find out where we have been in the past by clicking here. Our next exhibition will be the first venue for the Enid Blyton exhibition tour - Beaney Art Museum and Library in Canterbury, opening in late January 2015.

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