Seven Stories with... Steve Antony

We were pleased to welcome Author Illustrator Steve Antony to Seven Stories for a weekend takeover of our studio. Steve spent the weekend with our visitors telling stories and making pandas, doughnuts and leaves for our gratitude tree as the studio was tranformed into a bamboo forest.

We chatted to Steve before his fantastic Ink and Drink event on Saturday night as he told us about himself, his inspirations and his work.


What inspired you when you were younger?


What about picture books appealed to you?


Can you tell us about your picture book process?


What inspired the Mr Panda character?


Who and what do you admire in picture books today?


What advice would you give to young Authors and Illustrators?


What is next for Steve Antony?


You can find more information about Steve at his website, and find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @mrsteveantony.