It has been such a long installation, and there were just too many pictures to fit in one post! This is the second installment, where I'll show you people getting in to the galleries for the first time, and what they look like finished and ready for the public.

Some of the very first visitors to see the galleries, before they were quite finished (and before we even had any artwork up!) were for the press photos to market the exhibitions. 
Cathy, our resident vintage expert and Visitor Services Co-ordinator, spent a lot of time in the Collections and Exhibitions team during the time the centre was closed. She researched and bought all the props you see in the galleries, including this beautiful WWII radio, actually built in Gateshead!
Gwen and Iwan enjoying some of the areas they have spent the last several months designing and building. They are just a few of the team from the wonderful 24 Design in Manchester, who worked tirelessly creating and installing the Rhyme Around the World exhibition with us.
The galleries were just about finished and ready to be explored by staff whilst we did some induction training on the Wednesday before opening. Sarah and I led this session on Rhyme Around the World, and Gill led another session later that day in Painting with Rainbows.
Obviously as part of a Seven Stories training session, there will also be lots of dressing up! 
Gill and I had the privilege of showing around Michael and Louise Foreman, for their first look at the Painting with Rainbows exhibition. We have been in close contact with Michael and Louise through the whole design of the exhibition, and it was lovely to see them both with big smiles looking around the display!
For Rhyme Around the World we hope all our youngest visitors are out and about with their parents and carers enjoying all the rhymes in the exhibition! 
Entrance to the gallery under this wonderful glowing archway!
Entering the gallery
'When the Boat Comes in'
'When the Boat Comes in' 
'Over the hills'
'Over the Hills'
'Whatever the Weather'

'Sing a Song of Sixpence'
'Polly put the kettle on'
'Rhyme Around the World'
Sharing Station, at the end of the gallery we would love for all our visitors to share their own favourite nursery rhyme, and tell us why they love it!

Entrance to Painting with Rainbows
'War Boy'
'The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha'
'Dinosaurs and all That Rubbish'
'One World' and 'Mia's Story'
'One World'
'Say Hello', 'Cat and Dog' and 'The Littlest Dinosaur'
Our little cat and dog family!
The Friendship Zone, where you can watch 4 films made by students at our local Byker Primary school to help achieve their Arts Award.
'Friends' and 'The Seeds of Frienship'
'Wonder Goal' and a few of Foreman's illustrations for classic texts
Map of the world showing Foreman's many adventures all around the world, providing much of the inspiration for his stories.
'A Child's Garden'
Recreation of the vine from 'A Child's Garden', where visitors can tie a ribbon and wish on their hopes for the future.
If you can visit in person, we would love to see you! For more details about opening hours and a host of events, click here.