Seven Stories is launching a series of workshops in conjunction with LGBTQ+ young people using the treasures from our Collection, and we’re looking for collaborators!

Through a series of workshops around storytelling and representation, the working group will develop a creative output responding to the LGBTQ+ material within the Collection. This could be anything from writing original stories in response to the material to creating unique artwork and performances based on their findings. The group will be supported by our staff in leading the social media and online output, including the generation of online content and a social media takeover.

The creative output of the project will be presented as part of Newcastle Pride in July 2018, and we want make a big impact.

If you’re an engaging and creative person  aged 15 to 21 that would like to be in involved in this project and help Seven Stories better deliver meaningful projects and resources for young people, contact Liz Byrne at or call 0300 330 1095.