(Image: Gemma Fernie (left) with Maria Zatopliaeva - both placement students from Newcastle University)

Gemma Fernie, an English Literature student from Newcastle University completed a placement in the marketing team at Seven Stories in June 2018.  Here, Gemma reflects on her Seven Stories experience:

I have had a wonderful time working in the marketing team at Seven Stories - everyone has made me feel extremely welcome. I have never worked in an office environment before and having worked in retail since I was 17 this experience has been rather different.

Working in Marketing has been something I have been considering for a while and this opportunity has been the stepping stone I needed to see if I wanted to pursue this as a career. I have learned a lot in my short time here, copy writing for the website, managing database information and putting together a social media content plan in order to create a campaign for Independent Book Week and others to promote the new Winged Tales of the North trail and the Where Your Wings Were… Journeys with David Almond exhibition in association with The Great Exhibition of the North.

It was great that my placement coincided with such an exciting time at the museum and it was wonderful to see the opening of the new exhibition. I really enjoyed feeling like I really contributed something valuable to the team during my time here. I managed to complete a significant amount of work and it felt great to be able to put my work out there on social media and the website. I enjoyed copy writing for events and learning how to add to and edit different sections of the website as, again, this was something very new to me.

I have come to realise that research is a vital aspect to successful marketing, I have learned a lot about how other children’s centres similar to Seven Stories advertise across their social media platforms, I have learnt a lot about membership and supporters schemes and a hell of a lot about hashtags!

I loved having a look around the museum and meeting with the photographer who photographed a school group visit to the Time to Get Up exhibition. It was lovely to see what they do with the school children and work with the photographer to ensure we had the best shots to promote these visits because they are fantastic!

I think Seven Stories is a great place that does a lot of wonderful things for children, families and authors and really stands out to me as a place which is accessible to all.

If I ever get the chance to in the future I would love to come back!

Gemma x