Happy Pride! To celebrate National Pride Month, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Pride books, all available at our bookshop or at bookshop.org

Grandad’s Camper – Harry Woodgate

Grandad keeps his campervan hidden away in the garage but when his granddaughter finds it, he’s reminded of the many adventures he shared with Gramps. As she listens to his wonderful stories of Gramps around beautifully illustrated landscapes, she gets an idea to cheer Grandad up. Celebrating the many different types of families, Harry Woodgate’s debut explores love, grief and memories in a touching, gentle way.


Julian is a Mermaid – Jessica Love

All Julian wants to do is become a mermaid. After seeing their colourful hair and tails on the subway home, he is desperate to experience the joy of transformation himself. Jessica Love’s debut picture book not only expresses the unconditional acceptance of family and that it is not only little girls who want to be mermaids, but is a colourful, fun and heart-warming tour through creativity and identity. 


Moominland Midwinter – Tove Jansson

Did you know that Too-ticky, the wise human who wears a red striped shirt and carries a briefcase around Moominland, is inspired by Tove Jansson’s life-long partner Tuulikki Pietilä – who she would call "Tooti"? Together they built a house on an uninhabited island off the coast of Helsinki and would live there in the summer months. Too-ticky stars in Moominland Midwinter, aiding Moomintroll on a cosy adventure across a glittering wonderland, whilst the rest of his family snuggles up into hibernation. 


Loki – Louie Stowell

Foolish mortals! You had better pick up your own copy of Loki: A bad god’s guide to being good, or else answer to the master of mischief, the tyrant of trickery – LOKI… who is now only an 11-year-old who GOES TO SCHOOL! When he’s not stuck with his smelly brother Thor, or writing in his magical all-knowing diary, Loki is proving that he is worthy of being a god. But it’s much harder than expected. Along with silly antics and a playful take on Norse mythology, queer writer Louie Stowell lovingly weaves a tale of not conforming to the world around you and truly being yourself – no matter how others think you should act. Maybe the world is a little more colourful when you’re a shapeshifter.  


Wonderland – Juno Dawson

Wonderland is a reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice in Wonderland for Young Adults. When Alice’s friend Bunny disappears, she is determined to find out exactly what has happened to her, and soon begins her descent into Wonderland. The setting, rather than a dive through a fantasy rabbit hole full of anthropomorphic beings, is instead an exclusive party only for those at the very top of society (think the Met Gala after-party but with even wilder costumes – which is saying something). Juno Dawson’s retelling drags Alice in Wonderland into modernity and much-needed inclusivity, with Juno utilising her own experiences as a trans woman through her main character Alice.