In December 2018 City of Dreams put out a call for creative work made by young people that told a story from their experience of growing up in Tyneside. As a member of NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues we supported this effort and are pleased that they were inundated with submissions, with the creative storytelling talent of young people in our city being praised as outstanding.

From this an exciting event is taking place March 7th organised by City of Dreams and hosted by Live Theatre. Our City Our Story will showcase stories made by more than 11,000 children and young people living in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Running 1pm to 6pm, and featuring work from over 50 collaborators, this is an afternoon full of film, theatre, music, poetry, animation, art, virtual reality, photography, alternative city maps, interactive exhibits, and more.  All brought to a close by a panel discussion hosted by comedian Mark Thomas.

Our City Our Story is a new kind of event, a platform for young people to tell their own stories in the ways they want them told and here at Seven Stories this is a project we wholeheartedly support.

Find out more about what’s set to be an eye-opening and inspirational day over at City of Dreams.