The next exhibition opening at Seven Stories is Moving Stories, Children's Books from Page to Screen Saturday 5th April. This is an exhibition curated in partnership with the National Media Museum in Bradford, and was on display there during Summer 2013. It will be displayed over BOTH galleries at Seven Stories!

The exhibition aims to show all the fantastic ways that stories can be adapted, be it in a book or on film. The exhibition is divided in to 5 themes; Fairy Tales, Journey of Adventure, World of Fantasy, Overcoming the Monster and Friends and Family.

To find out more about the exhibition, click here or here!

Last night was the introduction event, to show the plans for the exhibition off to all staff and volunteers involved with Seven Stories. We had a fantastic turnout, with a few photos below. Gill (Senior Curator), Beth (Learning Co-ordinator) and I (Alison, Curator) presented all the different elements of the exhibition, our new methods of interpretation and a brand new drama experience for all visitors - watch this blog to find out more about the exhibition content.

The audience broke in to groups to explore different areas of the exhibition, before feeding back their favourite parts of the exhibition and the books involved.
Some of our fantastic textile illustrations from the Judith Kerr Exhibition, exploring the Sensory Explorer Bags being rolled out for the new exhibition.

Alison (Curator)