Over the past few months, we have been working with the curator of the Granary Gallery in Berwick, on their new exhibition 'Illustration and Inspiration'. 
Opening to the public on Saturday 11 October, and running until Sunday 18th January 2015, the display celebrates the extraordinary wealth of acclaimed children’s book illustrators from Northumberland and the Scottish Borders and the artists who have inspired them.

The exhibition includes works by Vanessa Cabban, Olivia Gill, Brita Granstrom & Mick Manning, Cara Lockhart Smith, Helen Stephens and Gerry Turley. Each of the illustrators have also selected work from the Seven Stories collection by illustrators who have inspired them or had an impact on their creative practice.

Artwork on loan includes work from the archives of some of our most prestigious illustrators, and it has been an interesting exercise looking at our collections through the eyes of practising illustrators, to see what and how certain artists have inspired them over their career.

Lindsey, the Seven Stories conservator, putting the final touches to one of the display mounts.
So as not to ruin the visit to the exhibition, I'll not say who chose what, but these are the artists whose artwork was chosen from our collections:
  • Edward Ardizzone - artwork for 'The Little Train' by Grahame Greene
  • George Him - artwork for 'The Giant Alexander' series by Frank Hermann
  • Angela Barrett - artwork and sketchbook for 'The Snow Queen' by Hans Christian Anderson
  • Tove Jansson - a letter with picture of 'Little My', written to her publisher Kaye Webb
  • John Lawrence - artwork for 'Tiny's Big Adventure' by Martin Waddell
  • Michael Rosen - preparatory notes for 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

    Artwork by John Lawrence for 'Tiny's Big Adventure' by Martin Waddell. These two pieces on display offer the opportunity to try and match up the images - the mice in the left picture should fill the voids in the right!
    Stunning artwork for 'The Snow Queen' by Angela Barrett, on display are a finished original piece of artwork, a first edition copy of the book, and Angela's fantastic sketchbook.
To find out more about visiting the exhibition, click here and to find out more about the Berwick Literature Festival click here.

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