Yesterday evening we were incredibly happy to host an event with the wonderful Michael Rosen. Michael has just published a new book on "how to be your child's (and your own) best teacher", filled with fascinating ideas and examples on how to engage with your child, filling their life with creativity and enthusiasm.

His talk was as witty and thought provoking as ever, and an absolute delight to listen to. Answering lots of questions after his talk eloquently and with some brilliant examples of how to keep the spirit of enquiry with you and your child. His thoughts on the British education system were, as always, deep cutting and insightful, and has definitely provoked a lot of conversation and thought in the Seven Stories office this morning.

The event, which very quickly sold out, was hosted in the Seven Stories attic. All those lucky people who managed to get a ticket also walked away with a signed edition of the new book too!

Seven Stories are very happy to hold many of Michael's papers in the archive, which give a little insight in to his creative process. The image below shows just one example of what we have in store, the beginning of a poem for the book 'The Hypnotiser' (1998), written on the back of an envelope. It is a perfect example of Michael's ethos, that the urge to write doesn't come at one single point, when you are set up with pen and notebook, but can and will strike at any time.

If you want to find out more about this collection, or about any other of our archives then 
phone: 01914952707