Christmas holidays are coming! And we've put together a festive fun pack of activities for the whole family below. With help from our literary friends across the world, here is a range of writing, drawing and miscellansous book-related activities to get stuck into this holiday...


1. Axel Scheffler's Drawing Challenge


2. Make your own Miniature Book with The British Library 

Why not make one for your tree with a little string added to the top?


3. #DrawWithRob - Father Christmas!


4. Design your own mysterious island with author Joe Wilson:


5. Make a FlipBook 

Once you've mastered the technique, why not make a flipbook letter to Santa? Or a flipbook of your best bits of 2021?


6. Make your own story dice

Download five dice templates to colour in, stick together and use for endless storytelling!

Or, if you just like the storytelling bit, you can use these online story dice.


7. Test your knowledge with the Book Trust's Quizzes

Quizzes from rugby to David Attenbrough and everything in between!


8. Baking inspiration!!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1

Do some of the foods in kids books look good enough to eat? The Book Trust website features some recipes inspired by children's books including Bumblebear honey biscuits, Greedy Goose chocolate mousse and rainbow fudge from Nadiya Hussain's Bake Me a Celebration Story.


9. Listen to Cressida Cowell, Waterstones Children's Laureate, read her book How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel chapter by chapter.


10. Try writing your own short stories using some prompts adapted from

  • It's Christmas morning and you run down to see what's under the tree. But instead of presents, there is just Santa's hat on the floor. What happens next?
  • While cleaning up your room in the holidays you find a mysterious key that can open up portals to new worlds. What happens next?
  • Write about Christmas Day from the point of view of a pet dog or cat!
  • You look out of the window at midnight on Christmas Eve, and see a lone reindeer wandering down the street. What happens next?
  • There’s a turkey thief on the loose. The thief sneaks into kitchens and steals the turkey from the fridge. Why is the thief doing this and who will stop them? 
  • Complete the following story starter: The music stops, everyone turns around and sees...


11. Write a secret surprise story together

Someone writes the first two lines of the story and folds the paper so that only the second line is visible. They pass it to the next player and they write the next two lines of the story, folding the paper again to hide their first line (the third line in the story in total). The game goes one for as many players and as many rounds as you like. When you unfold the paper, a funny and suprising short story will be revealed! 

You can also do this with drawing too! Someone draws the head and folds it over leaving just the neck visible, then the next player draws the chest and arms and folds it over just leaving the waist showing for the next player and so on. When you unfold the paper, a surprising character will be revealed!


12. Watch new book adaptations on TV this Christmas including...

  • Hansel & Gretel: After Ever After
    Sky Max and NOW at 8pm on 23rd December 2021

  • Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby, featuring the voice of Julie Walters as Granny.
    7:30pm on Christmas Day on Channel 4 and will also be available on All 4
  • Around the World in 80 Days is intended for family viewing, with slapstick and in-jokes for all ages
    BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 5:50pm from Boxing Day
  •  A gentle, nostalgic reinvention of the classic Worzel Gummidge stories
    BBC One at 7:15pm on 28th December 2021