On Wednesday 14th August we welcome author/illustrator Morag Hood writer and illustrator behind brand new book Brenda Is a Sheep – for a very special live drawing event at Ouseburn Farm. 

We interviewed Morag to find out more about the book and event…

1. What is new book Brenda Is a Sheep about?

It’s a twist on the idea of the wolf in sheep's clothing. All of the sheep in the story think that Brenda is the best sheep in the world and they are completely blind to the fact she might not be quite as sheep-y as they are... While Brenda has her eye on a delicious feast, the sheep are busy disrupting her plans with their joy and positivity!

2. What was the inspiration for the book?

I've always enjoyed the large gap between what the words in a picture book are saying and what is actually going on in the illustrations and I think Brenda came about because of this. I had been drawing lots of overly cheerful sheep in my sketchbook for a while and I wanted to give them a fun story.

3. What age is the book aimed at?

It's probably most suitable for ages 3-6, but as a grown-up reader of picture books I would say 3 - 105!

4. Why will my child love the book?

Brenda has a very nice and colourful knitted jumper, a long pointy nose, some pointy teeth and a tail - so all the elements of a good drawing to keep children entertained!

5. Tell us about the event at Ouseburn Farm with Seven Stories.  What can we expect to do?

There will be a reading of the book, interactive storytelling and the chance to meet and draw some sheep! What a treat to have actual sheep to draw from at the farm and perhaps we can draw Brenda with her natty jumper as well (although I hope there won't be any actual wolves there on the day)!

Drawing Brenda is a Sheep takes place on Wednesday 14th August at 11am and 2pm.  Enjoy live drawing and storytelling at the Farm, followed by a book signing in the Seven Stories bookshop. 

Suitable for children aged 3+ and their families. £5 per person (adults and children)

Book your tickets by telephone 0300 330 1095 or online at www.sevenstories.org.uk

Event supported by Pan Macmillanhttps://www.panmacmillan.com/